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We know that successful cam models are innovative, motivated, entrepreneurial, talented performers. We aim to be your software and finance professionals who can provide you the tools you need to better understand and grow your business and your brand.

We proudly announce the beta of our first product, Cam Your Way Analytics, available right here and right now. This set of tools lets you collect, graph, and analyze your earnings and see at a glance who your top customers are and which activities earn you the most. In literally seconds, with a single click, you can always see up-to-date earnings reports.

Our service is free for your first 30 days. We have special pricing available during our Beta period only, as a thank you to our early adopters for helping us get off the ground and spreading the word. Sign up and give it a test run!

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Click on the images below to see some sample reports. You can be viewing live reports like these using your actual revenues in less than 5 minutes!